Globalization Tool Kit Introduction

An introduction to the G11NToolKit.


The G11NToolKit is a set of Java classes that can be used to aid in preparing for translation work to be done for a program. The classes are designed to work together to accomplish the tasks desired. The classes are also intended to be used within the confines of a defined process. The process is explained in the Localization Process Guide. There you will find information as to what the classes do within the process along with the required inputs and the expected outputs.

These classes are written in Java and require a Java Run-time Environment (JRE) from JDK 1.4.1_05 or higher.

All material available through the G11NToolKit is covered by the The GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2, June 1991 or a later version. Please make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of this license before taking advantage of the G11NToolKit materials.

by Bill Rich