Translate Class Name Tool User's Guide

Translate Class Name Tool User's Guide.


This tool should only be run on ListResourceBundle files.

There is an assumption made that any string found in the file that matches the file name is the class name and therefore needs to be translated. The translation is to add the language identifier from the file name to the end of the class name strings. The language identifier is assumed to be the characters following the last underscore character in the file name. The file name is assumed to be all the characters up to the last period in the file name string returned by the Java VM.

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Running XLClassName

There is a batch script file available that will run the tool specifying the correct environment. Use that script to run the tool. The tool handles one file at a time. It will rewrite the file when it is finished without any warning whether any changes are made or not.

XLClassName lrbJavaFileName locale


the name of a ListResourceBundle file that needs the class name translated.
the locale of the file. See the description of a locale below for the expected format of a locale.

For a description of how to specify a locale, refer to the Locale Guide.

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by Bill Rich