G11NToolKit Release Notes

Cummulative Release Notes for all G11NToolKit releases.


The license for the G11NToolKit.

Current Release

G11NToolKit 1.6.0 - 2005/08/22

This release provides an installation distribution file and procedure along with some improvements in efficiency in the development build process. It also includes some fixes to the XLIFF Editor feature.

The project code has been tested using the L10NProcess Ant files and the test case suite provided.

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Change Logs

G11NToolKit 1.6.0 (2005/08/22)

  • some fixes and improvements to the XLIFF Editor feature to help manage the Translate and Approved flags in the extracted strings files
  • a new installation distribution file and procedure
  • some changes to the development build file to make it faster when doing basic compile and debug
  • some clean up of the resource files
  • some rework on the code to make it a little more efficient
  • enchancements to the extensions methods to allow for multiple extension packages added to an installation
  • some updates to the documentation

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G11NToolKit 1.5.0 (2005/07/18)

  • Updates to the Extensions Mechanism documentation.
  • A change in the environment variable name for the tool kit base directory.
  • An XLIFF file editor for the extracted string files.
  • Some bug fixes.

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G11NToolKit 1.2.0 (2005/07/05)

This release includes a mechanism to include extensions to the G11NToolKit. Extensions can be to accommodate unique processing for particular files that are not general enough to include in the G11NToolKit or for any other reason that a user may deem valid. No documentation is available yet but will be forthcoming.

  • Extensions directory added to product directory structure.
  • Extensions support added to build file.
  • Extensions support added to L10NProcess files.
  • Extensions support added to main doc files.

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G11NToolKit 1.1.0 (2005/06/22)

This release has a significant change in the package naming convention used. Please note that all of the classes have changed. Previously we used the package names g11ntoolkit.com.g11n.-componentname-. Since this is not what is normally done for projects we have changed the package names to com.g11ntoolkit.-componentname-.

  • Package name changes for all classes in the tool kit.

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G11NToolKit 1.0.1 (2005/06/06)

  • Break up tok classes into individual tools for better performance.
  • Break up detok classes into individual tools for better performance.
  • Added file list maker to Ant files for better performance.
  • Changed tok and detok targets in Ant files for tool changes.
  • Changed build file to handle new classes.
  • Introduce the XLIFF utility classes for handling the XLIFF string extract file.
  • Reorganized test case suite.
  • Some diagrams were added to the documentation showing how the various file types are processed. These show the use of the directories during the process.

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G11NToolKit 1.0.0 (2005/04/08)

  • Added JavaCC parser for Java Source files.
  • Added CyberNeko parser for HTML based files.
  • Added XML parser for XML based files.
  • Reorganized build file.
  • Added Release Notes.
  • Added development road map.
  • Changed log support from private logger class to Java Logging Classes.
  • Changed format of extracted string file to XLIFF 1.0.
  • Combined tokenized file skeleton with extracted string file.
  • Added test case suite.

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G11NToolKit 0.0.1 (2004/11/23)

Initial release of tool kit containing some classes from past work by the project team.

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Support Links

The G11NToolKit is distributed as a set of release files from the SourceForge.net project site. You may select the files to download depending on your level of interest in the project. Visit the Release Files page to download the files.

Fixme (WFR)
There are now mailing lists that can be used for support as well as discussion of topics.

All support and discussions for the G11NToolKit are contained in the forums for the project on SourceForge.net.

  • Requests for support should be posted to the General Discussion Forum.
  • Requests for extending the function of the G11NToolKit should be posted to the General Discussion Forum.
  • Discussions about the development of the G11NToolKit should be posted to the Development Discussion Forum.
  • Any development or maintenance work done by non-project members must be submitted for approval. Submit this type of work to the Development Discussion Forum.
  • Documentation for the G11NToolKit is provided in the release files and should be downloaded and installed on your local machine. To view the documentation just open the index.html file found in the Doc directory in any browser then follow the links in the text or the navigation bar to browse through the information.

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by Bill Rich